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Sharifa Khatri


Parent. Grandparent. Globetrotter. Award-winning Photographer. There are many hats that Sharifa Khatri dons and does so with great aplomb. She calls Mumbai her base but is constantly travelling all over world, looking for moments that can be captured for eternity.

Sharifa, a self-taught photographer, took up professional photography quite late in her life but has since accelerated through the learning curve, going on to win one accolade after another. She is the recipient of multiple high-level global recognitions , has had her work exhibited in different parts of the world, and also delivered presentations of her work to a captive audience.

With her trusted camera by her side, and armed with her titanium knees, Sharifa has travelled to close to 30 countries so far and that list is only going to increase substantially. Being a self-taught photographer, Sharifa is able to use the medium to express her creativity without the constraints of any external influence.

From capturing the snowy peaks in Alaska to the Northern Lights in Norway to historic stepwells in India, she is a keen explorer and wants to cover as much of the world as she can. From landscapes to architectural to aerial to portraits – Sharifa explores all forms of photography and is keen on having as diverse a portfolio as she can create. Always wanting to be self-reliant, she has also educated herself on the use of digital tools to enable her pictures to tell a more picturesque story.

At some point in the future, she wants to teach photography for those on her wavelength. But for now, there are more destinations to discover and more moments to capture…

Recognitions: C MoL 2019, MPSA 2019, GPU 3 2019, MICS 2018, GPU Hermes 2018 , AFIAP 2017, FSWAN 2016, AUSPA 2016, APSI 2015, , FFIP 2015

Instagram: @sharifakhatri