by zorand
Master of Light Photographic Association

about us

The Master of Light comes from a different era, a time of classical photography that appreciated the connection of skill, knowledge, perseverance and dedication to a high degree of aesthetics.

Photographers were focused on achieving a high quality of their work and establishing a personal handwriting rather than on winning distinctions, and just a handful of photographs did not suffice for gaining titles.

The Master of Light Photographic Association (MoL PA) is convinced that the time is right to return the digital age to these old values.

If you are a Master of Light, we know that you are an author with a distinctive artistic style or approach, who has reached (or will reach) the highest of artistic achievements in the field of photography, leaving a specific personal mark in this art form.

The Master of Light Photographic Association is not an organisation focused on providing instant titles and distinctions, rather it is dedicated to offering authors the possibility of establishing their place among a recognizable and distinguished circle of true photographers.

All Master of Light associates are photographers holding not only distinctions in this Association, but also high distinctions from national and other international associations.

In addition, MoL PA patronages are not expensive as the association does not employ bureaucrats who may expect luxury, who may not be photographers, or who may see this as only one in an array of their assignments.

Benefit from being part of a worldwide distinctive and respected team!