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Rajasimha Sathyanarayana


Rajasimha graduated in fine arts from Bangalore University, Bengaluru. A graphic designer at heart, he has found in photography his passion, his calling. An avid traveller, his frames evoke the people, places, and stories that inspire him.

“My passion for the arts finds a natural expression in photography; in my pictures I try to capture the grace, the strength, and the beauty inherent in a subject.”

Rajasimha is an active member of Youth Photographic Society, Bengaluru, India and member of its Salon Committee.


He has been awarded in national and international salons. Won 10+ awards and 350+ exhibition acceptances from over 15 countries.


AFIP, awarded by the Federation of Indian Photography in 2019

CMoL, awarded by the Master of Light Photographic Association in the month of May 2020

Social media:

Instagram: @rajasimha.s