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Laxmi Prasanna P A


Laxmi Prasanna is project manager by profession in the software industry and an avid photographer by passion. He got interested in photography during is college days by sunset image, shot by him, on a small film camera that turned out to be spectacular. The interest turned into a serious hobby when he got his first film SLR camera in 2004. He migrated to digital in 2012. He is self-taught photographer and his main interests in photography are travel & nature (including landscapes, wildlife, birds etc.). For most part of his photographic journey, he was mainly creating images for the joy ofphotography and the travel associated with it. He joined Youth Photographic Society, Bengaluruin Dec 2017 on a friend’s suggestion and was introduced to the world of salons. With the great support and guidance received from the eminent members of Youth Photographic Society, he is happy to receive his first distinction, cMOL,from Master of Light Photographic Association. He has to his credit, so far, close to 200 acceptances in both national and international salons from 11 countries.He is also a member of Photographic Society of America and Royal Photographic Society. The awards he has received so far are the following

Travel Honorable Mention-Locations in the night in 35th YPS National Salon, 2017

WIAP Bronze in Best of India Circuit 2018 (International)

Certificate of Merit in Best of India Circuit 2018 (International)

1st Award in KPA National Salon, 2018

Certificate of Merit in KPA National Salon, 2018

Certificate of Merit in Montage Circuit 2018 (National)