by zorand
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I love photography and I find it as my passion. Started my photography journey from 2008 with a small digital camera, photographing nature and its elements where I learnt the beauty of it. Since then, I have been taking photos of variety of subjects and exploring genres in photography.

Using this, I had a breakthrough in photography when I received my first award in Sony Photography Contest India – where I captured a Long Exposure shot. After this, my passion grew much larger, with new instruments and techniques I learnt over time, I was able to take better pictures.

I am a self-taught photographer, and have been following several passionate photographers and improving.  My favorite area of study are Landscapes, Long Exposures and Birds.

I, Sandeep Dattaraju is a member of Youth Photographic Society, Bengaluru, India. I started my Salon participation through YPS only in 2020 and my salon journey got much more excited when I received my very first award at the same time. I am overwhelmed that I have achieved my very first distinction in this area through Master of Light.