by zorand
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ORHAN KARTAL Photographer was born in 1968 in Batman in Turkey; married with one daughter and boy. Lives Batman. His 20-year post at the Naval Forces Command, he switched to civil service. He works as a Chief in Batman Special Provincial Administration. Anadolu University Business License and Photography and Videography Department. After leaving the long and tiring military service from the age limit, the photography entered his life by chance. He has been taking photos since 2015. Despite trying many different styles, he mostly likes to shoot portraits, documentaries and street photography. Although his photography history is new, photography has now become a part of his life and has become an indispensable passion for precision. Thanks to the photography, the perspective of life has changed. He has won awards in national and international competitions. The works he produces; He took part in magazines, brochures, posters, newspapers, calendars and group photography exhibitions. His photographs were exhibited in 4 personal and many group exhibitions. Gölcük Photography and Cinema Art Association (GFSD) a member. His works have won prizes and awards in many national and international photographic competitions. His achievements have medals.  It currently has  distinction the EFIAP photo title as well as the PPSA, GPU CROWN 2, COS/PLATINIUM, A.APS, A.APG.