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My name is “Mithun Prakash Prabhu” based out of Bangalore, India, I am a Management MBA Post Graduate, Computer Engineer by Academics, a seasoned IT Management Leader by Profession but by Passion, I am a Photographer self-evolved into various Creative ways of expressing various genres of Photography like Nature, Wildlife, Street, Culture, Travel, Astro, Macro, Architecture, Landscape.


Photography came to me as a Natural gift, my Dad used to be a Hobby Photographer and I was fascinated since my childhood to take it up one day, but life was running in a fast lane always until a point where I felt it was like Right Walking into what I was created to do, it suited my personality my vision to showcase to the world what a normal Human eye misses to see in everyday life be it Nature, Culture, Life, Still objects and so on. I was amazed to see what a Camera Lens can see and make Wonders to let the world experience through my Photographs. They say Photographs are Still, Lifeless, but I disagree, ifs our duty to Freeze a Moment, an Experience, and make it a Life Time Memory for you to “Relive” every day & Cherish all of it.


I picked up Photography with my first Nikon DSLR a decade and a half back but evolved into Manual Photography half a decade back when I saw some astonishing work of my fellow photographers. I am a Nikon Camera freak and my D7200 is my constant companion in travel or otherwise. I have my registered brand called “Mithun’s Tilted Tripod Photography” ( ), while Tilted, because like Tripods can move in any angle or direction, so is my photography giving you a 360 Deg view of the Subject that I am shooting. I am happy to share my work with all of you, do follow me on Facebook ( ), Instagram (@mithunprabu) & other Social Media platforms.


Mithun Prakash Prabhu is a proud lifetime member of Youth Photography Society (YPS Bangalore – a prestigious Photography club in India), I am also a active member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA) & Thank God its Saturday (TGiS) Club, Bangalore.


Achievements till date:

He has been awarded in multiple National & International Photography Salons. Won 60+ awards and 1800+ Exhibition Acceptances from over 35+ countries.

Distinctions till date:

2019 – QPSA (Qualified PSA) – PSA, USA

2019 – AFIP (Artist FIP)  – FIP, India

2020 – EFIP (Excellence FIP) – FIP, India

2020 – AFIAP (Artist of FIAP) – FIAP, International

2020 – HONORARY – HON.CPE – Campina Photographic Exhibitions Society, Romania

2020 – Genius (G.APS) – Agile Photographic Society, Bangladesh

2021 – Artisan (A.APS) – Agile Photographic Society, Bangladesh

2021 – CMoL – Master of Light Photographic Association, Canada

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