by zorand
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Background – Retired Business Consultant, married with one daughter. Lives near Edinburgh, Scotland.
Interests / Passions – Photography, Computing, Keeping fit and healthy, and the great Scottish

My late father was a keen amateur Photographer and I suppose my obsession with Photography was
passed down from him. I first picked up a camera when I was at secondary school, it was a Kodak
Brownie handed down from my father.
Then the busy years arrived, Marriage, Family, Job, etc where time for photography was very limited and
faded away.
When I retired some seven years ago, suddenly I had the available time again to follow my interests in
Photography, and this hobby has now grown into an all- consuming passion that occupies most of my
waking hours and dreams.

Photography Club

Livingston Camera Club. Member of the Scottish Photographic Federation. (SPF) and Photographic
Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB)
Member of the Royal Photographic Society.


2020/21 – 26 international awards including, MoL Gold Medal, FIAP Gold Medal, PSA Gold Medal.

c☆ Master of Light, AFIAP, LRPS, CPAGB, BPE2

Photographic Focus
My photography is very much guided by my “Minds Eye”, that imagines “a single completed
photographic vision”, that happens from being in a special time and place, or inspiration from something
I have seen elsewhere. This imaginary vision then guides me to shoot what I see, or construct this scene
from other previous photographs. This creative approach has led me to be very generic in my
photography and can include almost any subject, and also the use of computer manipulation. Working
this way has produced an artistic portfolio that hopefully appeals to most viewers, as I work my way
along the journey to producing visual beauty and interest for all