by zorand
[eventry_about_title title=”Normante Ribokaite” desc=”Master of Light Artist”]


Normante Ribokaite was born in Dusetos, in 1968. The artist is one of the photographers of the Dusetos Art Gallery group (Zarasai Region,) The artist has participated in group shows held both in Lithuania and abroad.

Awarded in the International Photography contests at Serbia, Makedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Singapore, USA, Switzerland, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Egypt, Georgia, Finland, Turkey, Hungary, Russia.
Moreover, the photographer was granted the Honorary Diploma established by the National Photography Art Foundation for personal shows of artistic photography displayed successfully in Lithuania, in 2000-2006.

Since 2009 the artist has been a member of the club of photographers of nature Green Umbrella (Lithuania).

Bronze exhibitor (BEPSS) The Photographic Society of Singapore.

Has organised nineteen personal photography exhibitions.

Lives and creates in Dusetos ( Zarasai Region, Lithuania).

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