Thirumalai Ganesh Sheerapathi

United Arab Emirates

Thirumalai Ganesh Sheerapathi, BPSA, cMOL, APSNJ, AICS

Art is a Universal language understood and enjoyed by mankind from the beginning of time. Of the many forms of Art, photography is no different from poetry, literature or those that depict time. Born in Pondicherry, Thirumalai Ganesh Sheerapathi grew up in surrounding rich with flora and fauna, became a Nature lover.

At the age of 35 he joined Shutter Bugs Creative Forum in Dubai and learned Photography from his mentor Mr. Mohammed Arfan Asif. With his guidance Thirumalai made quality images that gave him happiness and satisfaction. He participated in many international salons and won awards. Apart from MoL Gold, PSA Gold and several Ribbons, Thirumalai has participated in various National and International Salons and his work has been exhibited  in over 20 countries that won 14 awards and over 183 International acceptances which is recognized by various professional bodies across the globe such as Federation of Indian Photography(FIP), Federation of Internationale de L’art Photographique(FIAP), Photographic Society of America (PSA),Global Photographic Union (GPU), International Union of Photographers China (IUP), Image Colleague Society (ICS),  Image Sans Frontiere (ISF), Master of Light (MOL) etc. He is an active member of PSA – Photographic Society of America and ICS – Image Colleague Society. With his portfolios and salon achievements, Thirumalai has 4 distinctions including cMoL.

Thirumalai’s quest to quality image making will continue in times to come. A teacher by profession he uses photography as a medium to bring his students closer to nature and inspire them to appreciate God’s creation.