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Aleksandar Budjevac, born in 1969 in Kragujevac, Serbia, where he lives and works. For over twenty years he has been active in photography. He has the title of the F1 FSS Photo Association of Serbia and Excelence FIAP, the international organization of amateur photographers FIAP. For 5 years he participated in more than 120 exhibitions under the auspices of FIAP and other photographic associations where he won more than 90 medals and awards in more than 25 countries, as well as four awards for the best exhibitor. Prior to this period, he had more than 15 joint exhibitions in Serbia, Switzerland and Italy. He has two solo exhibitions “My People” in 2011, and “My Way” in February 2016 at the National Museum in Kragujevac. At the invitation of the organizer of the Acropolis in Italy, the exhibitor at the exhibition “Land of Myths” in 2015 and 2016, among the 30 selected authors from all over Europe, who saw over 30,000 people from Italy and the world for 4 months opened. Currently, President of the Photo Club “Kragujevac”, Serbia.