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Jan Lelak


Jan Lelak was born in 1977 in Vranov nad Toplou, Eastern Slovakia. He works as a teacher of maths at the Hotel academy in Zilina, Slovakia and he is passionate fotoamateur. He is married with Marcelka and has daughter Tanicka.

He became interested in photography more seriously in 2018. This year also managed to have his first photo exhibited within AMFO, which is a competition for unprofessional photographers in Slovakia. Since this he has reached for several international competitions rewards, including two medals. Currently he is not a member of any photo club, though he is in close cooperation with the members of creative group „Just & Natruc“ in Zilina.

His photo work is still undefined, but is focused mainly on street photography and urban minimalism (there are elements of travel photography, landsapes or portrait, too).

He is a member of FIAP and his first distinction is Competitive Master of Light (c MoL).