by zorand
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Ruslan Bolgov (AXE photography) was born in 1974 in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Presently lives at Klaipeda.

The shots of this Author tell a harmonious world, often made of female figures whose charm captivates the most viewers.

Ruslan manages to put together the “essences” of eternal beauty: sweetness, cunning, charm, eroticism, passing with great skill by the bewitching beauty to that angelic.

The images are characterized by a unique aesthetic, bathed in natural light, with warm and vibrant colors that enhance the timeless appeal of women, the protagonists of great art and a means of eternal emotions.

Author versatile, able to enchant not only with the vision of ethereal portraits but also with spectacular scenery … to be admired, where space, where getting lost in a blaze of light and color.
A-Photoart degree (Creative Union Photoart, Russia). In own country the winner of many local contests.
Second runner-up Lithuania Sony Awards 2017
International photo-salons winner: FIAP Blue Badges, FIAP/PSA/MOL/GPU and Salon medals and Honorable Mentions
Works published in local and international magazines