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Saurabh Sirohiya


- Background

Myself Saurabh Sirohiya, graphic designer by profession, having designing and printing business for last 10 years+ and an amateur photographer by passion. My love for photography was largely inspired by the film roll camera which my family used to own when I was a child. Having started out with a compact Nikon digital into my job, have now shifted to a Digital SLR camera. My journey is a self-taught photography.

I have a particular affinity for street and travel photography, truly self-taught. I am also fond of shooting candid photographs and portraits. I wish to keep travelling with a view of achieving my long cherished dream to capture and document different cultures, rituals, heritage and tradition across my country India and the world.

The two strongest reasons why I love street & travel Photography so much are as how I can look through my photographs and remember the state of mind in which I was during the time of the Photography and I can remember how I felt. It was like traveling back into instant and reliving the moment. It was an amazing feeling.

I believe that photography is never an easy job, one has to shoot in the given situation, subject, light, shadow and composition, the photograph should look appealing without the story. The composition alone without it, the purpose of photography will not be served.

- Publications

My works published in following Prestigious International and National magazines / social media:

Indian Photo Arts Magazine | Chiiz Magazine | National Geographic Your Shot | National Geographic Traveller | Better Photography Magazine | Asian Photography Magazine | Photography Club of India Magazine | com | Fotojajs

- Membership

Federation of Indian Photography (FIP) as a Life Member and thus, of International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP). Photographic Society of America (PSA) as a Member.

- Achievements

Collected 1,800+ Acceptances in all photography sections which includes 200+ awards and honorable mentions and certificates, medals in FIAP, PSA, ICS, GPU, IUP, MOL, FIP and various other photo clubs. My images have been accepted in more than 45 Countries and won many awards. Also won the two times best Indian entrant award in India & International Salons hosted in India. Awarded pictures are displayed in organizing countries in their photo exhibitions.

I have been also conferred with few distinctions:-

AFIP (Artist FIP by Federation of Indian Photography, India) in 2019
AFIAP (Artist FIAP by Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique, France) in 2019
BWPAI (Bronze WPAI by Wildlife Photography Association of India, New Delhi) in 2020
AAPG (Artist APG by Association of Photographers of Georgia) in 2020. It says I am first photographer in INDIA having AAPG distinction
FAPG (Honorary Fellowship APG by Association of Photographers of Georgia) in 2020
PESGSPC (Honorary Awarded for the Outstanding Contribution in International Art Photography by Pascal English School & Greek School Photographic Club, in CYPRUS) in 2019
PESGSPC (PESGSPC Grand Progress Award for the distinguished service towards the promotion of art photography, love, peace and friendship through international projects by Pascal English School & Greek School Photographic Club in CYPRUS) in 2019

Expecting GPU, IUP, PSA distinctions this year.

Social Media: