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Pavlos Pavlou


Pavlos was born in 1969 in Nicosia, Cyprus. He graduated in 1990 from the Hellenic Army Academy. His passion for photography started in his teenage years and evolved through time parallel to his fascination for collecting old cameras and vintage accessories.

He has always been fond of photography and he always remembers how much he enjoyed experimenting with his camera, reading related articles, trying new techniques and using different kinds of films and filters, developing dozens of photos. All in an attempt to capture the beautiful – for his eyes – “right moments”.

It was not until recently that he decided to put all the random practices and experimentations in a more technically correct basis by attending a series of photography lessons in 2017. Since then, he has attended several workshops and participated in numerous group exhibitions, becoming a member of the Cyprus Photographic Society in March 2018.

What he came to learn through his experience with the art of photography is the way he now observes the world and appreciates tiny details he used to ignore. Most of all he cherishes the joy every photographic experience makes him feel. He likes to consider himself as an amateur photographer. He truly believes that his participation in various competitions, salons, exhibitions, photographic activities and events as well as the parallel earning of distinctions, artistic titles and memberships makes him a better photographer. Through healthy competition one can only change and grow and develop one’s potentials to the next level.

Currently holder of EFIAP, QPSA, AHPS, AICS and as from today C*Mol.