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Jose Henrique Chaim

José Henrique Chaim


José Henrique Chaim, recognized as EAFB – CONFOTO and IAAP-Ambassador, is a Brazilian photographer who has had a passion for photography since 1982.

He has honors, such as the title of "Artistic Citizenship" by CONFOTO, of which he is an affiliate, in addition to being a member of FIAP and PSA.

His career is punctuated by recognition in several photographic art exhibitions, both in Brazil and abroad. His work, multifaceted in nature, encompasses a wide range of themes, from the splendor of nature to intricate portraits and the most pressing social issues, highlighting not only his versatility technique, but also his deep sensitivity as a photographer In addition to his photographic artistic work, he plays an active role in the community by contributing through the translation of international salon regulations, as well as playing prominent roles in photographic clubs and events in Brazil.

More recently, standing out in the organization of Photographic Art Biennials and International Brazilian Circuits. With a collection of more than 100 awards and selections in national and international competitions with recognition from world photography associations, his works were widely exhibited in group exhibitions both in Brazil and abroad.