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Borislav Blagojević


Borislav Blagojević, born in 1973, is a software engineer by vocation, but photographer by passion. He made his first steps in photography in late 1980s, when he joined local photo club and learned how to work in the darkroom.

In the meantime, life events forced him to make certain breaks in his photographic journey. However, in last couple of years he is active again, with a lot of success in international salons and group and solo exhibitions. His passion for photography has become an integral part of his identity - a bridge between the analytical world of software development and the expressive realm of visual art. This is why he likes to introduce himself as an artist trapped in the mind of an engineer.

Borislav is interested in all aspects of photography - from history and different genres, to technology and studio equipment. He enjoys using photography as a creative outlet to capture moments, explore visual storytelling, and experiment with different techniques.

He is a proud member of Photo Association of Serbia and Photo Club "Beograd".