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Bekir Yesiltas

Bekir Yesiltas



Turkey Born in 1985. He graduated from Anadolu University Photography and Videography. In addition, he completed 400 hours of digital photography and basic photography education certified by the Ministry of National Education.5. National The most beautiful squares – beaches, the first in a photo contest held in Istanbul in 2015, Istanbul Arel University Photography Club “Life in Istanbul” photo contest second. Istanbul Üsküdar Municipality Mim Güzel Mor Salkım – Erguvan and Mimoza photo contest 4. He won an honorable title in the “Collaboration” photo competition with European Countries (AVIDER). Also, the BBC Turkish cover photo was on the website. Many photos were published.His photos were published in the magazines Motoron, Motokeyf and DijitalSLR. National Geographic Turkey, chose the best pictures in the portfolio. In Maltepe Nazım Hikmet Culture Center Photography Workshop, he organized “Worker” photography exhibition with his students.It is supported and hosted by 5 countries (Vietnam, France, Spain, Italy, Macedonia) in 2016. 5. At the ISF World Cup, brought the silver medal to the Turkey. FIAP (International Photography Federation) Artist title, IUP (International Photographers Association) Honorary Award, GPU (Global Photographic) by the title of Crown 1 was.In 2017, Sony World Photo Awards ranked among the top 50 photos and made the best 2 entries of the week. HIPA photo awards were finalized in Dubai and a photo catalog was printed. Gölcük Photography and Cinema Art Association and the FIAP World Cup took part in one exhibition. International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) EFIAP (Excellent – Excellent Artist), Global Photo Association (GPU) Aphrodite, Hermes and Crown 2, International Photographers Association (IUP) – Elite IUP (EIUP)) and Master IUP (MIUP). American Photo Association (PSA) arrives in 2017 Who’s Who List: photojournalism became the 16th world. In addition, color digital and print, black and white digital and print, digital travel departments took part in the short time has achieved great success. America Photo Association (PSA) received the 2017 best black and white Portrait Photo Award, 2017 Best color photo 7 Success Award.In 2018, the first Turkish, Italy / Siena Photography Award Outstanding Art Award, the Best Photographer Award from India, the American Photographer of the Photography Society (PSA) – QPSA Qualified in International personal awards and achievements. PPS Competence and Image Analysis Title and certification field in the first person, Turkey, Global Photo Union (GPU) Crown 3, and Canadian Light master Photography Association / cmol (Radiative the master)) was honored with the title. 10. Öztan ÖZATAY received the 1st Prize in Photography Contest / Cyprus – DENKTAŞ Foundation Achievement Award. She took photographs of the theater play ” The babies have no nation” which was adapted from the poems of Ataol Behramoğlu. Shilpakala Academy DindePhotoCafe International Art N Photography Exhibition / Bangladesh made an honorary jury in the selection of photographs for the exhibition. In 2019, he won a gold medal at the Tokyo Photography Awards. Received NOMINE (Honorable Mention) award in 5th International Fine Arts Photography Awards. Due to the outstanding contribution of the Cyprus Pascal English School and the Greek School Photography Club to International Art Photography, Hon.PESGSPC received the PESGSPC Great Development Award GPA.PESGSP for outstanding service for the promotion of art photography, love, peace and friendship. A.ISF title from France’s Infinite Image photographic community, honorary membership of Campina Photo Contests Organization in Romania Hon CPE, He received Hon WPG Honorary Membership and Diploma from the World Photographers Group in Saudi Arabia. 13. Sami Güner Cup ”Hamal” with the show passed the 1st round. Campina received the title of Artist (A.CPE) due to her international achievements at the Photo Contests Organization. He received the Honorary mantion award in the 4C portrait contest prepared by the American Photography Association (PSA). She received an honorable mention from the IPA Oneshot Street Photography Awards. In 2018, Who Who’s the American Photography Association (PSA) entered the list in color, black and white, travel and photojournalism in digital. He also appeared in the magazine with his photograph “Wanted“. 35 Awards The 4th International Photography Awards received 392,000 photos from 112,268 of 172 countries, reaching Level 3, and received a rally award and certificate in Street and Art. International Persona Photography Academy / India 2019 Honored with Lifetime Honor Award and Lifetime Honorary Membership. The ISF World Cup 2019 / Portugal, France, Cyprus, India, Italy and Vietnam won 1 ISF bronze medal (in Juri Carlos Sargedas), 1 PSA Ribbon and 1 IUP Ribbon award and 14 accept. Won the silver medal in the Professional category at the Paris Photography Awards. He received his 1 star Master’s degree and badge from the Canadian Light Master Photography Association.

He has exhibitions in national and international competitions in more than 75 countries with his photographs. He has awards in more than 40 countries including gold, silver, bronze, merit, special medals, outstanding art, diploma, honorary document, honorable artist selection, special jury awards. He also served as a jury member in national and international competitions. Turkey continues her career as a freelance photographer and digital photography teacher in various projects.

member and honorable assocıatıons

The International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) / Member of France Sigma Academy of Photography (SAP) / India – Honorary Fellowship
Global Photographic Union (GPU-UPI) / Member of Greece,
International Union of Photograpers (IUP) / member of China,
The Photographic Society of America (PSA) / Member of United States,
Master of Light Photographic Association / Member of Canada Pascal English School & Greek School Photographic Club / Cyprus Honorary Fellowship
Image Sans Frontiere / Member of France
Honorary Lifetime Member Of Persona-International 2019 (Hon. FPI) / India Campina Photo Contests Organization (CPE) (Hon.CPE) Honorary member of Romania.
Honorary member of World Photographers Group (WPG) Hon.WPG Saudi Arabia
Member of Golcuk Photography and Cinema Art Association 2015-2018 Turkey.

tıtles gıven to hım for hıs successes

Master of Light Photographic Association 2019 / Canada – C* MoL
Title National Academy Of Photography & Persona-International 2019 (Hon. FPI) / India
Image Sans Frontiere (ISF) / France 2019 – Artist Title
Campina Photo Contests Organization (CPE) (Hon.CPE) Honorary member of Romania 2019
Campina Photo Contests Organization / Romania 2019 – Artist Title
Honorary member of World Photographers Group (WPG) Hon.WPG Saudi Arabia 2019
Pascal English School & Greek School Photographic Club / Cyprus 2019 – Hon.PESGSPC
Pascal English School & Greek School Photographic Club / Cyprus 2019 – Grand Progress Award GPA.PESGSPC
International Achievement (IUP) / China 2018- Great Achievement IUP (GAIUP) (first Turkish in the world)
Sigma Academy of Photography 2018 (SAP) / India – Honorary Fellowship
Master of Light Photographic Association 2018 / Canada – cMol Title
The Photographic Society of America (PSA) / USA 2018 – QPSA Qualified Title
The Photographic Society of America (PSA) / USA 2018 – PPSA Proficiency Title
The Photographic Society of America (PSA) / USA 2018 – Image Analysis Title and certificate (first in Turkey)
Global Photographic Union (GPU) 2018 Crown 3 Title
The International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) EFIAP (Excellent Artist) Title 2017
International Union of Photograpers (IUP) / China 2017 Elite IUP (EIUP) Title (First Turkish in the world)
International Union of Photograpers (IUP) / China 2017- Master IUP (MIUP) Title (first Turkish in the world)
Global Photographic Union (GPU) 2017 Crown 2 Title
Global Photographic Union (GPU) Aphrodite Title in 2017
Global Photographic Union (GPU) Hermes Title in 2017
The International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) AFIAP (Artist – Artist) Title 2016
Global Photographic Union (GPU) 2016 Crown (Crown) 1 Title
International Union of Photograpers (IUP) / China 2016 – Honorable IUP (HIUP)
The Photographic Society of America (PSA) / USA 2016/2017/2018/2019 PIDC5 – PIDM4 – PTD2 – PJD3 – ND3 Star rating 17 jury membershıp

8. International Embroidery Kırkyama Photo Marathon 2017 / Kocaeli 5th IUP Anniversary Celebration Photo Circuits
4th IUP International Photographic Exhibition 2017 / China Shilpakala Academy D ExhibitionPhotoCafe International Art NoPhotography Exhibition 2018 / Bangladesh 6th Phatashala International Photo Contest 2019 / India presentatıons and ıntervıews

KIFSAD Photography Association Presentation 2018 / Cyprus (Moment – Winter Presentation in the Maiden’s Tower)
Rabat Lumiere Festival International 2018 /
Morocco – Presentation of GPU members Festival Presentation of Winter in the Maiden’s Tower Rab
13 Sami Güner Cup 1st Tour Presentation 2019 / Turkey