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Anitha Mysore

Anitha Mysore


Mrs. Anitha Mysore is a Software Engineer by profession, with a Masters in Structural Engineering. Located in Bengaluru, India, she travels widely on job and this has helped her travel photography. She is also an avid bird enthusiast. She is a member of Youth Photographic Society (YPS) since 2016.

Anitha Mysore has been participating in National and International Salons for more than three years now. Her works have been exhibited in more than 50 countries and she has around 5000 acceptances and 400 awards to her credit. She has also been a jury member in a handful of salons.

Anitha Mysore has been conferred with

2019, EIUP – Elite IUP by International Union of Photographers

2019, Hon. PESGSPC and GPA.PESGSPC by PESGSPC, Greece

2019, G.APS by Agile Photographic Society, Bangladesh

2020, EFIP/g by Federation of Indian Photography

2020, EFIP/g (Nature) by Federation of Indian Photography

2020, AAPS by Australian Photographic Society

2020, A.CPE by Campina Photographic Exhibitions Society

2020, EFIAP/b – Excellence FIAP bronze by Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique, Paris

2021, ES.CPE by Campina Photographic Exhibitions Society

2021, MPSA – Master Photographic Society of America

2021, GPU CR-4 – Crown 4 by Global Photographic Union

2021, c***MoL – By Master of Light

Anitha Mysore was listed among the top ten of FIP’s Who’s Who for 2018. She appeared in PSA’s Who’s Who for 2018 under the Photo Travel, Nature and Photojournalism divisions and for 2019 under Open Color, Open Monochrome, Nature, Photo Travel and Photojournalism.

Anitha Mysore is a member of the Federation of Indian Photography (FIP), Photographic Society of America (PSA), Global Photographic Union (GPU), Australian Photographic Society (APS) and International Union of Photographers (IUP).

Social Media: Instagram @AnithaMysore